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Classy Garter Toss

       In days past (long past, we’re talking medieval to renaissance period) “proof” of the consummation of the wedding was needed in order for the marriage to be legal.  Traditionally, witnesses were in the room for the “taking of the bride”. (I know!  Really!!)    They would acquire a piece of lace, a garter or other segment of the bride’s undergarment as said “proof” before signing the legal marriage documents.   It was believed that the man who acquired said “proof” was the “best man” and thus would have good fortune and become the next to be wed.    Soon, the groom began tossing the bride’s garter out the window, thereby eliminating the need for witnesses to be in the room for the “taking of the bride.”  

       With the barbarism of the past safely tucked in the past, today’s couples share a mutual respect and love for each other.  However, the garter has remained a beloved , small, meaningful symbol of your wedding vows and the beginning of your life together.  But today’s couples want it to be more than an embarrassing tradition.  They want it to have meaning and class. 

     I don't know who started this unfortunate trend of having you (or your partner) sit down to have the garter removed for the garter toss.  The only thing that can happen in that situation is to   have your partner look like they are  swimming upstream under your dress in front of all of your family. How embarrassing!  No wonder people are disillusioned with the garter toss.   

     To have your garter removed in a much more alluring and appealing way, stay standing, take off your shoe, reach down and grab the bottom of your dress on the SIDE of the leg that has the garter on it, raise your skirt just high enough for your garter to show, and position your leg attractively out to the front and side.  Your partner can then kneel down and slip the garter off your leg.  (They can have a toss-away ~ like a toss-away bouquet ~  one in their pocket, so you don't lose your heirloom garter.)  This is not only a classier way to enjoy this fun moment, but you will get wonderful photos as well.  Be sure to inform you DJ or entertainment specialist too, so that they don't perpetuate the "swimming upstream" method. 

        There is a famous hitchhiking scene  in the classic old movie "It Happened One Night" with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.  Claudette  attracts the attention of a passing car by raising her skirt and showing a shapely leg, thus causing the driver to stop.   This still from the movie shows show how to raise your skirt temptingly. Much better than a groom swimming upstream!  If you have time to watch the entire scene, it runs about three minutes


      At around the two minute mark is when Claudette                  Photo in Public Domain            

raises her skirt and shows her let.  Or better yet, why not rent the entire film, pop some popcorn, snuggle with your sweetie and watch the entire movie?!

The above article was contributed by the gals at Garter Glitz.  They are a mother-daughter team that designs and hand makes all of their heirloom garters.  Having made garters for family and friends for years, they felt that there was a niche in the bridal industry for  beautiful, high quality garters to match the importance and stature given to the rest of the bridal attire.  Their garters are a meaningful keepsake to be treasured and saved, not to be tossed.  You can find them at www.garterglitz.com

Personal endorsement - If you haven't seen their products in person, the photos barely do them justice.  Their garters are BEAUTIFUL!!  For brides in my area, I have a sample if you would like to see one.