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    This is BY FAR, is my most requested piece of both weddings and elopements!  But what exactly is it?   Ever wonder where we got the expression "Tie the Knot," when referring to a wedding?   
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    Most Ancient cultures, had some sort
of "binding" ceremony for weddings.  The ceremony (before weddings were  mandated to be held in churches, and recorded with the government) "Bound" the two people, and the families together.

     The Old Norse called it a hand-festa, meaning "to strike a bargain by joining hands".  This is also where we gained the custom of
shaking hands.

     But the one that survived the longest
came to us from Scotland.  The Council of Trent changed Roman Catholic marriage laws to require the presence of a priest. This change did not extend to the regions affected by the Protestant Reformation, and in Scotland, marriage             
by consent
remained in effect.  By the 18th century, the Kirk of Scotland no longer recognized  marriages formed by mutual consent and subsequent sexual intercourse, even though the Scottish civil authorities did. This situation                Photo Courtesy Oktober Hollow Photography
persisted until 1940, when Scottish marriage laws were reformed.

     During the ceremony knots were tied over and around the hands of the couple, thus ensuring them health, happiness and fertility.  And so, we acquire the expression "Tie the Knot." 

     Today, I offer couples a memorable way to add this ancient Handfasting custom to any wedding ceremony, giving them a truly unique memory on their wedding day.   Including a Handfasting in your wedding truly offers couples something different, which will have guests talking for a long time.  

     Many couples believe it is bad luck to
the cords, and so they choose to purchase the cords in ord
Handfast Braider to keep them tied.  Couples who do so receive either the six-cord set or the six-ribbon braid (whichever is appropriate to the chosen ceremony) presented  in a beautiful keep
sake box along with a certificate (suitable for framing) which you will sign during the ceremony.

     We did it! 
 We tied the Knot!

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"My husband and I can not say enough about the experience that we had with Rev. Guasch.  From the first time I spoke with her on the phone til the first time we met with her in her home, we knew she was perfect for us.
She made us feel so comfortable and by the time we left her home, we felt like we had known her for years. 
She personalized our ceremony to fit our lives and everyone at our wedding said it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been too.  She did a Celtic Handfasting ceremony for us and our guests were absolutely blown away. 
I would recommend her to any couple that is planning a wedding."
                     Tabitha - Married August 28, 2010   See Full Review on Wedding Wire