Serving Central PA

Melissa "Missy" Kearchner


Melissa  is a native of Frederick Maryland but has made south central PA her new  home since 2004 with her son. Melissa, who teaches full time at the  elementary school level, knows how to tell a great story. Her love for  books comes through her dialogue, as she truly can bring the story to  life. What better way to listen to your wedding vows as a character in  your own "happily ever after." 

Her organizational skills, attention to key  points, and knowledge of the theme of your magical day will leave you  relaxed, smiling, and ready to enter into the next chapter of your  personal fairy tale. 


Kathy Hooper

 Kathy  was born and raised in Frederick County Maryland, and moved to PA 17  years ago.  She has four children, two adults and two teenagers at  home.  She is also the proud grandmother of three grandbabies.   Kathy  has worked in the medical field for much of her working career and began  working at a local resort and with weddings several years ago.

Kathy's warm and comforting personality will put any couple at ease on  their big day, as she helps guide them through the public moments of the  ceremony.  Kathy loves working with couples as they take this all  important step together.