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Three Types of Weddings

Traditional wedding, Wedding Officiant

Traditional/Large Wedding

A traditional wedding involves all the things you normally think about when you think of weddings:  

~ Invitations

~ Formal attire

~ A Formal venue (sometimes a house of worship) 

~ Music (sometimes a DJ, a string quartet or even a full band) 

~ Dancing

~ A formal tiered wedding cake

~ Lots and lots of flowers

~ A wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers, and maybe even your fur-baby Sammy)

~ And a whole passel of guests

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Micro-Weddings are the fastest growing trend in weddings. Micro-weddings are smaller and more intimate than a large wedding.
A micro-wedding includes: 

~ No more than 40 guests

~ At a home or favorite restaurant 

~ May or may not include formal invitations

~ No wedding party, or 1 on each side

~ No rehearsal

~ No sound equipment

~ A simple fare of food and usually no dancing

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An elopement is normally short-notice, and usually has few if any guests. There are no invitations, usually no fancy attire, and sometimes is even in secret.

This couple called the office at 1:20 and by 4:00 that same day, they were married.

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